Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I've been doing with my life...

Not much.

But here's what I have done with my LAST SUMMER before I enter the Lord's service...

Work! Yes, yes, very glamorous (not) but I saved up some dough!

I ran a marathon! (finished in 4:09:31)
Yes, it was hard. Yes I would (and will) do it again.

I visited my favorite elder in Seattle (Bremerton) before he left for Japan. It was awesome. We went to Pike's Place, ate some good food, rode the ferries, etc. And the train ride was ONLY 24 hours from here to there!

I went to my friend Macklin's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. #soproud. He has been called to serve in Gauyaquil Ecuador. We will be in the Mexico MTC at the same time!

I ate here. A LOT. X)

I got my call! #texasbound
I staged a paint war with my friends (and brother). Our clothes were white when we started...

I ate the frosting off this cake (it was HOMEMADE coconut pecan- can you blame me???) which my sister refrosted, which I ate again :)

I hiked Halfdome with my family (minus Cami)

And basically just had a great summer :)

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