Wednesday, September 4, 2013

libro de mi!

For this post I made a little photo album/ scrapbook thing that I can take with me on my mission. I figure when people ask me where I'm from, I can show them (because pictures are way more fun that just a description) and practice my spanish at the same time! #multitasking. Plus, it was just fun and simple to make.
I used cardboard for the covers, punched holes, lined the other side with scrapbook paper, BAM!

Some of the pages I featured included: where I live (pictures of home and where I'm from)

my family (pictures of fam, grandparents, and my doggie)

my school (pictures from/ of BYU)

my friends and my favorite elder (my amigos from high school and grade school, and mi novio)

Obviously I'm just so excited to leave, my creative juices are flowing and I have been doing a ton of crafts lately #girlprobs.


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