Thursday, October 31, 2013

week 2!... Semana Dos(2)

can't believe I'm already starting week two. Cray. Not much happened this week but here's the rundown.
hermana schumacher is heading to vegas and hermana hendricks is going to albuquerque?...... can't spell anymore. yesterday i was trying to write prophets receive revelation and ended up writing profets recibe revelation. #spanishprobs. thats a good sign right? Well i love them both, and they are both very nice people, but hermana hendricks is the nicest, bossiest person ever lol. like you don't realize it because she will be bossy with a smile. so basically, we do everything on her schedule, even though I am the senior comp. but i kind of just let her do what she wants (even though that means we're late to class EVERY DAY) to avoid awkward confrontations. I pray that they will both have the desire to be obedient everyday and I do my best to be a good example but yeah...
so we also do a version of tunnel singing (Idk if i ever told you guys about it, its something we did at byu. go into the tunnel by the marriot every sunday night and sing hymns). we sing in the hallway of our classroom building every night before we all go home. its fun and the echoes make us sound great

also I didnt most of your guys's emails till this week, so sorry if i didnt send you one last week. I;m doing my best!
OH I had to give a talk this week, I wasnt too excited because the topic was the priesthood -_- hahaha but its whatevs. just stressful because everyone has to pre3pare a talk so you literally dont know if youre speaking until the brach pres calls you up. but he said i did good, so... *hairflip* i mostly just bore my testimony about how awesome priesthood holders can be, since the elder before me also spoke on priesthood, i let him tell all the boring doctrinal stuff
BIG NEWS!!! well, kind of. so THE HEAD OF ALL THE MTCs was here this week (and gave us a great DEVO (devotional) btw) BUT the big news is that he had a meeting with all the staff and admin. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!!! all the people in the meeting were sworn to secrecy, but we managed to wrangle out a few details from a teacher who came back crying because the spirit was so strong. whatever it is, it will directly affect missionaries, they dont know if we'll be mature enough to handle it, it will cost a lot, and will probly come forward during our missions. But whatever it is has already been approved by the first presidency.... We're thinking China is opening or maybe we're receiving new scriptures or something!!! CRAZY!!! I hope you guys are preparing!
which reminds me, you guys BETTER still be doing scrips reading.....
also, today is halloween. Me and my comps switched nametags so I;m hermana hendricks for halloween lol. a bunch of grils came dressed up as the YW values which I thought was SUPER CREATIVE until the MTC pres's wife came and lectured them and I was like booooooooo
but we're having a fiesta with our district. I bought a bunch of suckers from the tienda to give out. 14 suckers = 1 US dollar #awesome. yeah and Dia de los muertos is tomorrow but if today was any indicator.... the pres wont let us celebrate. But I'm sure we'll hear plenty of bombas from the MExicans tonight... luckies.
well... that's all for now
love you all!!!
hermana f

pics: a head, polks dot Sunday, hermana schumacher tiny hands, my desk

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