Monday, November 25, 2013

spanish slang, snakes, and skype

Hola familia!

como estan ustedes? This week was great. I can't believe I leave in like 5 days!!!! My plane leaves Mexico on wednesday around 11. YAY! I'm gonna be sad to leave beautiful Mexico at the same time I'm so ready to hit the field.

Stuff from this week... Devo was great. I feel like I say that every week but its true. This week was my pal Davy Beddy Nar Nar. He spoke about applying General Conference talks to our lives. And it was given right after the age change announcement so that was kind of cool. By the way, Mom can you get me a November ensign that has the recent conference talks in them? Actually can you get me one from the april conference too? PLEASE :) Also our branch got to sing a special musical number before it. We sang I know That My Redeemer Lives. It was really pretty except for the fact that we sang the first verse a capella and the sopranos went totally sharp. LOL it was rough but whatever.

This week we were walking to church (because its in a different building) and we saw our District Leader and the 1st counselor sprinting away from the building. We shout after them: Where are you going? Our DL turns around: I dont know! so were like uhhh okay whatever. Then sacrament comes around and I realized they sprinted off to the Comedor to get me a tortilla so I could have sacrament with everyone else. Our branch presidency is the best.

This week was bittersweet because our dear teacher, Hno May left us. It was cool though because we got to Skype with Victor, an investigator who Hno May baptized (the same investigator he portrayed). So that was neat. He was really nice and it was amazing to see how the gospel ended up changing his life. He ended up sacrificing basically his family so he could live the law of chastity and be baptized, and his wife never spoke to him again but he is so much happier now and in a healthy relationship.

sidenote: I didnt think I wanted anything for Christmas, but I would LOVE 2 pocket size Books of Mormon in english.... pocket size... Idk where to find them but they are tiny and awesome. also I want a case for my mini quad... NOT one with handles... just a zippy one.

But anyway, we had a mini testimony meeting with Hno May. He was such a great teacher. He leds us more than he taught us. His favorite thing to say when we asked him a question was "okay, I;m not gonnna give you the fish but I;ll give you the fishing pole." This usually causes more groans than anything but I lnow we all learned a lot from him. We gave him a tie that we all signed and we stuffed it with thank you notes. 

Also, I have almost finished the BoM! I will finish it before I leave. Also I memorized D&C 4 yesterday. Booyah.

Also Since I have been in Mexico, I have found 2 bullets. One turned up in my purse (and I was SURE it was one of our elders who put it there, but no) and one I found on the volleyball court. Awesome. #Mexico

Oh we got a bunch of new investigators this week. Most of them are our own elders now. Daniel and Tyler were the hardest (we teach them at the same time, so thats interesting too, since we have only had single investigators before), they are both baptized members, now inactive. One is even atheist now. So its a new challenge for us but we are adapting! Its just interesting because they already KNOW the doctrines so its more a matter of testifying and helping them feel the spirit again, and more than anything, helping them have a DESIRE to return. because otherwise, nothing we say will help. We also got another pair of investigators, Octavio and Santiago, who are a homosexual couple who attend that pentecostal snake handling church -_- yeah..... they aren't really taking their profiles seriously, but we are trying anyway... LOL

ALSO! we had an investigator for one day who was an illegal, so of course the question came up in class can we baptize him... and I remember mom you asking if they could serve missions... turns out, living the laws of the land isnt directly asked in the baptismal interview (at least, Im like 85 percent sure) and (according to Hno May's Mish pres) as long as they are striving to keep the laws of the land in terms of paying taxes and following traffic laws, etc., he sees no reason why someone's citizenship status should stand in the way of their salvation. so. yeah.

Also we went to the temple today. It was great. I understood almost everything and only needed a little help at the end (which is funny cuz I think I know it in spanish better than I do in english now). 

But yeah, things are going great!

Love you all!

hermana feigel

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