Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SORPRESA! ...And then there were 3...

oh waddup family...

so... I´m not sure if I´m even allowed to write you but here I am... I leave tomorrow! Que loco, no? it seems like I got here just yesterday.

here´s whats happened... Hna Hendricks left early monday morning. Hna Schumacher and I got up at 2 am with her to escort her to the bus where we said our goodbyes. She didnt seem sad at all lol just excited to go do the Lord´s work. The rest of the day Hna Schumacher and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off because we had to get all our stuff ready AND it was still a normal day of classes and lessons and such... But we did somehow manage to squeeze in a ping pong tournament with the only other companionship left in our district. (there are only 3 of us left out of the 11 we had) The rest of the elders left early monday morning or monday afternoon. I was actually really sad to see them go... I have always been able to bond with guys better than girls... and we all got really close! It was like sending my brothers out into the world. And they really are my brothers in the gospel. Its ok though because I know heavenly father will take care of them so they can work hard. Plus, we have already scheduled our district 13 B reunion for October 2015. Hno May told us that if we call him after our missions he´ll take us to cafe rio..... so.. yeah. done. Anyway... yesterday was a mad rush in between classes trying to get our stuff packed and print off Hna S´s boarding pass and get everything ready for her departure. AND we had to move into a new casa because I couldnt be alone for a day so I had to pack all my stuff too and lug it all (including my broken dragging suitcase) to a casa all the way across campus. Awesome. But the Hnas we are assigned to now are AWESOME. Hnas Miller and Buhler. lol...bueler... Everyone calls Hna Miller the Amazon because she is 6 feet tall. She is so awesome though. I really like her, too bad we are leaving tomorrow lol. But this morning, I got up at 2 again to help see Hna S off. She seemed really nervous but I told her that she would be fine and not to worry about anything. She´s like almost 22 and lived and taught on her own in Russia for like 7 months but she always seemed younger to me. I was sad to see her go but glad to get back to bed. So I´m hanging out with my new Hnas today and they´re great but they are under the impression that today is Pday because its the day before we leave... Or maybe it actually is their Pday I´m not sure... Anyways so I get to email you again since they are. I kinda feel bad because the only elders left aer probably in class right now teaching more lessons and I get another Pday lol. although theres not really much to do since I´m already packed and did laundry and stuff. Oh well.

So I got an email from the Mish pres just saying hi and to bring clothes in our carry on, etc. #stoked. So apparently we are staying the night there. Thanksgiving at the mission home maybe?????

Anyways. I´m ready. Not sure if I´ll get to email you again when I arrive or if I´ll have to wait until Monday.... 

I´m sad to leave Mexico. It´s currently 65 and sunny... but I´m so ready to leave the CCM and hit the field. It´s been such a great experience and I cant wait to enjoy the friendships I have made but I know that right now I need to go serve!

Also in our last district testimony meeting one of our elders said that we get the companions that we need. I really think its true, although at times I wanted to strangle them, there were times that I truly loved them, and I know I learned a lot from them. Patience among the forefront, but also Christlike love, sincerity, and spanish lol. I´m really grateful for them but I´m stoked to see who I need to learn from next!

Also funny (I thought) story I remembered... I was telling my district of this nice thing an elder did for me... On the flight here, the overhead bins were so full that I had to put my carry on like 5 rows behind where I was actually sitting. But of course, upon landing, everyone was trying to get out and it was like IMPOSSIBLE to go back and get my bag so I was stuck. Then I saw an elder coming up from the back and he saw me eyeing my bag and he just grabs it and brings it up to me. I was like thank you so much! I would have had to wait for all 500 people to get off the plane (see? no patience). And as I was telling them this story, I remembered something and I was like, Elder Meidell (nuestro lider zona), that was you, wasn´t it? He was like yep. So that was cool, plus we´re going to the same mission and will be on the same flight again! So it´s kinda nice that I´ll travel with someone I know really well. Plus I told him, I have this feeling that he´ll end up being my DL again or something and I´ll have to call him every week to report. lol. Also, side note, Elder Meidell trained falcons before he came here. Our district has so many awesome people with awesome stories like that I just love them all to death. 

So don´t worry about me, I´m doing great! I have learned so much and my spanish is... not amazing.... but its amazing how far I have come and I cant wait to use all my talents to help others!

con amor
hermana f

PS here´s a quote I really like from elder Holland (sorry if this is super long by the way I´m only writing one emial and there aren´t many to read so I have a lot of time)

Satan is a real being, set on destroying you. You cannot travel down forbidden paths, and expect to go down the straight and narrow one. The game is close, and victory is everything. Get in the game and play your hearts out. Be a voice for good, a voice for the gospel, and voice for God. Unbind your tongues and watch your words work wonders. We need a lot more missionaries opening the gate of baptism and helping people through it.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog! I believe my son, Elder Snow, was on that plane with Hermana Feigel! He also left the Mexico MTC en route to San Antonio on Wednesday. They must have been traveling together! :-)