Thursday, November 7, 2013

The marvelous adventures of the tallest woman in the temple (again) and other such gems

FAMILY! como estas? no enter button in this email again sorry.
#mexicoprobs. well! let's see... well the best thing that happened
this week was that I GOT THE SACRAMENT!! woooo! so yeah you may be
wondering why I didn't before. Well week 1, I went up to our sweet
little branch pres and told him my dillemma he told me not to worry
and that he would get me some tortillas or something. Next week?
nothing. week 3? nothing. BUT. after sacrament he apologized and said
he would have the elders break a tortilla for me later in the day. So
that was awesome. I was really grateful to them. also I learned that
when you bless a tortilla, you have to say "please bless this
tortilla" HAHA. So. We had DEVO on tuesday and it was great. It was by
Elder Scott (and it was recorded) then halfway through I realized it
was the same devo  that abby was present for like her first few weeks
in the MTC! so that was cool. He gave the missionaries an apostolic
blessing for the gift of tongues and I'm not sure if it counts because
we werent really there, but I appreciate the thought. Also at this
DEVO we had a special musical number by 2 sisters playing violin and 1
elder on piano. they played I know that My Redeemer Lives. and it was
BEAUTIFUL. also one of the girls on violin was the girl I hung out
with at my cross country camp at BYU! ALSO one of the new hermanas in
our ward this week was in my  american heritage class! which is cool
cuz it was like a class of 40. ALSO i think I forgot to mention that
my first week here a girl was like... Are you hermana feigel? I was
like.... yeah... do I know you? and she said no, she just knew me from
Pinterest HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh also I just discovered that Joseph Smith's
First Prayer can be sung to the tune of Come Thou Fount. TRY IT. its
beautiful. We did it for one of our "hall singing" nights. Also we
have committed BOTH our investigators to baptism! WOOO! Now we just
have to get them ready since both are living with women they arent
married to.... #awesome #lovethelawofchastity. Congrats to my
siblings! shoutout to Ten especially for WINNING! you go girl.
#hottestonethere. yeah good job to you to aidan. Maybe next year.
oh... wait... :P haha jk. And CONGRATS to you all for WINNING LEAGUE
CHAMPS!! WOOT WOOT! #mysiblingsarebeasts. I brag about you guys all
the time. Also one of our elders loves water polo so I always read him
your stories. He's going to Cleveland Ohio :) ALSO we got a TON of new
hermanas this week (just to the CCM in general, not in my branch) and
one of the hermanas who is in my house is going to Fresno! Hermana...
shoot I forgot... oh well. Also late BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT to CAM!!! I
sent her a postcard awhile ago... I hope she got it... For those of
you who are wondering, Elder Crook is doing great! He has another
baptism scheduled for the next few weeks I think! Guys give Ranger
some loves for me! Que mas.... My spanish is doing better. My
understanding is a lot better than my speaking. But every Monday,
Wednesday, and Friday we have all spanish days in our district so we
are really improving. Also Elder Riffel and his comps had the chance
to teach some of our elders. They then came running back to me
laughing that Elder Riffel didnt say a word the whole lesson....
HAHAHA. Elder Riffel the spanish master... knowing him though Im sure
he has a reason... Ok to end my letter I thought I would impart some
gems that I have began collecting during my time here. The Second
coming began 193 years ago, YOURE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. -elder holland.
I dont know what other institution would hand over the reigns to a
bunch of aaronic priesthood escapees -elder holland. Fear not, for
they that be with us be more than they that be against us -2 kings
6:16. English is the language of the world, german is the language for
dogs, french is the language of love, italian is the language of
music, but SPANISH is the language for talking with god. Shall we not
go on in so great a cause? -Joseps Smith. El mision es la gran
aventura de su vida (The mission is the greatest adventure of your
life.). con mucho amor -hermana f

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