Thursday, November 14, 2013

tostadas, tsunamis and stuff

hello all

[insert cliche about time passing fast but not at the same time]. Where to begin... well I guess I'll just get it over and say I was pretty bummed about Ranger, but I;m glad he not in pain anymore. He has "gone the way of all the earth" as the scriptures would say. I can't wait to get to the celestial kingdom and be tackled by all my puppies.

On a happier note. We had a great devo this week by elder L tom Perry. we were all pretty stoked because it was our first live broadcasted devo. He talked about the importance of companions, so I guess I needed to hear that lol. Also did you realize that Elder Perry is like 91?? And he practically skipped on up to the podium. Its crazy. Also its cool because he blessed his son as a baby, ordained him to all the offices in the priesthood, got to set him apart as an elder (his first mmissionary set apart when he became stake pres) then got to set him apart as bishop, stake pres, and when he got called to be a mission pres, pres hinckley flew Elder Perry from the Netherlands because he wanted Elder Perry to be able to set apart his son again. so cool! Also at the end, the video cut off so we had to say a real prayer, and in the MIDDLE of the prayer the feed came back on and it was in the middle of the prayer in provo and it was super awkward/hilarious.

ALSO everyone was talking about the tsunami in the DEVO. WHAT?? why the heck did nobody tell us this?? Man... and I thought PROVO was the bubble... apparently mexico is even worse...

Sooooo... we got more investigators! Most people we have talked to have 2 the whole time in the CCM but we currently have 4 and are losing one and getting 2 more! #cray. its sad though because the one we are losing was my favorite. he was our teacher, hermano may, and his character, victor, had such a tough life and was really struggling and I just knew the gospel could help him and he was progressing really well. unfortunately hermano may is going back to provo, so no more victor. oh well. but yeah 2 of the investigators we got this week are 2 of our elders and they ARE SUPER HARD. they both impersonate less-actives and its a challenge because we havent had to teach less actives before. they KNOW all the doctrine, but for their own reasons, they choose not to act on it anymore. its tough, but we are learning.

our sister training leaders left this week which was sad because they were the hermanas we hung out with most (they are the ones in the pictures with us at the temple). and one of them, hermana baker, knew elder crook. pretty cool. but it finally started hitting me that I wont see any of these people for a while so we made a pact in our district to hang out once we all get back, since most of us will be in utah lol #mormonprobs.

Funny story this week. we were singing at night before we went home, and I usually pick they key so i sing the first line of Brightly beams our fathers mercy(in english, cuz I knew the words) so we start singing and Im just belting out english and everybody looks at me and then I realize that I'm singing in english and everyone just laughs at me. good stuff.

Also, we sometimes have to get creative with food here. One of my favorite desserts is frosted flakes with a GIANT blob of nutella. the first time I did it everyone was judging me.... and now I have got our whole district hooked and I see about 15 people a day doing it too. Im a firm believer that its easier to convert people to nutella than it is to convert them to the gospel....

also BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO ERICA!!!!!!! happy 20th! you're so old! no longer a teenager! I hope your day is awesome and wonderful and I hope you do something fun with Ty and I hope you got my postcard. 

By the way, I thought I would be nice and warm here, it being MEXICO and all.... FALSE. yesterday we had a blistering high of 45 degrees -_- our teacher checked and it was warmer in salt lake than it was here...... smh. but we're surviving, and its supposed to warm up again, but it does stay around 40 at night now. 

Last week my companions were doing laundry and they always ask me if I need anything taken out to hang dry, and I NEVER do so I said no... not remembering my yellow slouchy pocket skirt that I have never washed before. and I also heard them discussing turning up the dryer temp all the way to dry our clothes faster. Needless to say, my skirt shrank about 2 sizes :( oh well.

this week on sunday they didnt have tortillas for lunch like they normally do. it was toastadas this week. So they blessed a tostada for me. which is pretty much a crunchy tortilla but the elders insisted on blessing the "tostada" LOL.

That's about it for this week. The spanish is coming along. the more I use it the better it gets. we have 3 days a week where we try to use only spanish all day. its really hard but it really helps. plus when I think about it, its pretty impressive that we can use spanish all day to say what we need to...

iré y haré [I will go and I will do]

hermana feigel

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