Monday, December 2, 2013


Estoy aqui in AUSTIN TEXAS!!!!! 

I am currently serving in the Palm Valley Area which is BRAND SPANKIN NEW. Things are a little crazy right now because they just changed a bunch of stake and ward boundary lines, but yeah. We are over the Palm Valley branch (espanol branch) and Chisolm Trail ward (singles ward). How lucky right?? My companions name is Hermana Clark. She is the best. I love her.  She is a little Georgia Peach from south of Atlanta and she has been out for 6 months already. Her spanish is great and I'm learning so much from her. The day of transfers, literally 5 people came up to me and told me I had the best trainer. LOL. She really is though. She is really nice, and sweet, and funny, but bold at the same time.

I somehow made it her with my luggage intact. Another wheel broke on my other suitcase. Awesome. But I made it. I didnt see grandma at the airport.... She said I might run into her but I didnt. We ate lunch at the Slaughter's and then went to the Alamo! It was awesome! then we had to hand out blue books! It was terrifying and awesome. The were 2 other sisters who came in from Provo. We placed 5 books in an hour. Then we went back adn had dinner with the Slaughters. We stayed in some random apartment that night and then had transfer meetings the next day. Everyone got their new comps except for those of us going to Austin. So then we got in a car and drove 2 hours to Austin and had another transfer meeting with the missionaries there. And I got my comp! 

This week has been insane! What with new branches and wards and boundaries... We came in with NO information, no ward lists, not even a MAP of our area. which we still dont have btw... the bishop of the spanish branch has been out of town and the singles ward bishop just wouldnt answer us. So the first day was a lot of working with the previous missionaries to get some info. We eventually met up with the spanish branch ward mish leader. He has a fire for missionary work! and we set a goal of 3 baptisms this month! We eventually met with the singles ward WML too and got some info from him. The previous missionaries also did some pass off lessons with us so we got to meet our new investigators and such. One of them, Kendell, reminds me of Aidan! He plays volleyball for a community college here even though he wanted to play for Golden West (the huntington CC right?) He is super nice. He is getting baptized this weekend which is super awesome! Although the missionaries who worked with him and taught him everything are a little bummed that we get to be there and not them... LOL. They also passed off a new investigator Christian. He is already ready for baptism and has a testimony of the gospel, but he is reluctant to set a date because he hasn't even told his devoutly catholic parents yet.,.... pero esta bien.

Thanksgiving was fun. We had dinner with the Elders Quorum Pres's family. Typical thanksgiving. Except in Spanish. 

We had some fun lessons yesterday. We met up with another investigator, Freddy, and his member uncle and aunt. The dinner was AWESOME (#realmexicanfood) but the lesson was SUPER awkward. I invited Freddy to be baptized (he has already taken ALL the discussions and has a testimony and has already had 3 baptismal dates) and he said yes so we were really excited but then his aunt and uncle got really weird and were like are you sure, this is important... etc. and started lecturing him on how important it was to have the protection of the holy ghost and Freddy's mom (pentecostal) started getting really upset because she doesnt want Freddy to get baptized.... Needless to say there was a solid 20 minutes where they just argued back and forth and me and my comp just kind of sat there like deer in the headlights LOL. eventually Hna Clark managed to interrupt them and point out the spirit was totally gone and we decided to have another lesson with Freddy and WITHOUT his aunt and uncle. Who knew members could be a hindrance? Awkward...., We also had a funny lesson with some less actives. The wife worked on sundays and her husband took refused to listen to the missionaries or go to church anymore. Hna got up and went into the kitchen where he was and asked him why he wouldnt come listen with us. He said there were too many hypocrites in the church and that everybody is a hypocrite. My companion then proceeded to call him a hypocrite (which had his wife laughing and my eyes bugging out of my head). He then thanked her for her frankness and came and listened to and participated in the lesson! He continues to refuse our invitation to church, saying he felt offended by some discrimination that he once felt in the church and he kept telling us he refused to come to church unless a specific person came and talked to him and that he wouldnt tell us who it was so we couldnt get him to church (his wife later whispered to us that it was the bishop- haha). When we got up to leave he bore his testimony of the power of prayer and gave us 10 oranges. It was a weird day. It's been pretty great. What else? Our apartment is BOMB. brand new. its great. Except the heater broke yesterday. we came home and it was SO HOT that the thermometer didnt even give a reading!!! After an hour it cooled down enough to tell us it was 95 degrees in our apartment!!!! It was pretty awful. We didnt get much sleep. But we have managed to keep it down to 85 somehow and we're hoping they can fix it soon. Its the worst. Oh and our phone broke. This all happened yesterday. It was a rough day. Satan is a bum. But we managed to laugh about it and take some silly pics in our stairwell while we retreated from the heat for a bit (our apartment is all upstairs except for the front door. We tried to all fit down there on the landing to sleep where it was cooler but couldnt lol)

I got your package! didnt know the receipt was there so I might need another week before I can return it... but yeah. We are going grocery shopping today! #stoked. Also I had my first dessert tamale this week. SO GOOD. I love the food here. Except I still dont know what tex mex is. Food here is either authentic Mexican or the white people serve Mexican food and like... italian food. The other day we had lunch with some members. They served tamales and lasagna. We have been served that twice actually... weird.

What else... Sorry no pics this week apparently i never brought my camera cord. I have been using my comps card reader. Ill probs buy one soon. I dont really need anything... other than those 2 things I asked for last week :) 

Everything is so good! We are working so hard And the spanish branch especially is really open to missionary work and excited to have sisters! I am learning so much from Hna Clark and my testimony is growing everyday! I wish I could share everything with you but there just isnt time! AHHHHHH missionary work is the best! Its so hard but so rewarding!

My spanish is pretty good! I am kinda quiet in peoples homes but I understand almost everything and input my fair share in lessons. My vice is calling people in spanish. spanish over the phone is SO HARD!!! working on it though!

Oh also, Hna Clark likes to run (in your face mom :P)

I love you all so much!

go be member missionaries! give the missionaries some referrals! Invite people to FHE!


hermana f

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