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holy canoli this week was a good one. 

So on thursday we had our christmas conference! we had to wake up at 4:30 to drive down to San Antonio but it was totes worth it. We drove with the other hermanas in our house and one other elder (who knew that was ok? but apparently it is. approved by all the higher-ups.cuz apparently they'd rather stick one elder with us than send another car down for his and his comp.) we stopped at this gas station called buc-ee's. its famous. they had ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY GAS PUMPS. smh. #texans. the store was like the size of a small walmart. we bought some beaver nuggets, which tasted like waffle crisp #thebest. there were like INFINDIDDY TIMES INFINDIDDY missionaries at the church. I got to see the few elders who came with me to the TSAM. we all filled the chapel and the overflow, packed in like sardines. we had some awesome talks, including one by President Slaughter about Angels. it was bomb. Then they fed us a huge Texas bbq lunch. Then we had a talent show. it was awesome. One elder sang Blue Christmas, and he sounded JUST LIKE elvis.... it was kinda scary actually, to hear that voice coming out of a skinny little white boy. My zone sang ye Elders of Israel. It was awesome, we stomped and clapped and it was great. Also, check out The Lower Lights band. The have a folksy country sound similar to Mumford & Sons, but they sing hymns :) I feel like someone in the family might like them. Also two senior missionaries did an Abbot and Costello comedy routine. hilarious, cute old people :) We finished with more talks and President Slaughter telling us that we would have the privilege of hearing from....... (pause for dramatic effect)\


he's coming in January! #bejealous. #stoked. We finally headed home and totally crashed from exhaustion. We were woken up half an hour later by elders pounding on our door because we forgot to text the DLs that we were home and safe.  gave me a heart attack. Member how I hate being woken up by phone calls in the morning? -_- yeah, it was like that. lol anyway...

then the next day we had Miguel's baptism! WOOOOOO! it went great even though it was 30 minutes late (but Mexican standard time we were on time). He said he felt the spirit really strongly and he really appreciated all the work we put in, not that we cared, but we were glad that he saw and realized just how important this step was in his life! Me and Hna Clark and the Elders who split the branch with us sang a musical number. Oh yeah.

The next day, We had a Pastorela (Christmas Program). Originally, we were going to sit out front and take down names of everyone who came in #newinvestigators. But in the end, only like one nonmenber showed up (BOO) and we passed out 200 flyers lol. oh well. so last minute they pinned me down and wrestled me into a shepherd's costume, while Hna Clark took pictures and I screamed for mercy. It was great. It was the funniest xmas program I had ever seen, since they had never practiced anything or memorized any lines. And in the Palm Valley branch version, King Herod follows the wise men to Jesus and somehow along the way got converted I guess because instead of strangling baby Jesus he just knelt down and worshipped him. #howitshouldhaveended.HAHAHAHA.... then we had a bunch of good food so that rocked.

yesterday we had church and it was awesome. I had to play for sacrament. And for the special musical number. wooooo....

So Juanita went to Mexico so we wont see her until January.... dang it... there goes that baptism this month. NEXT MONTH! and we still havent heard from Freddy.... his mom is keeping us away I think.

BUT we did lots of finding this week while passing out flyers and we have like 4 new investigators! They seem really promising!

Anway, I hope you guys are loving your time together!

Wanna know a secret? *whispers* nobody has invited us over for xmas dinner. But we're really happy about it cuz that means we get to stay home in our Jammies all day and make whatever we want to eat hehehehehehehehe. dont tell anyone!

Also I will be calling at 11 am texas time, which I think is 9 am cali time......


hermana feigel

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