Monday, December 9, 2013

What's this? What's this? There's water in the air!


how are YOU ALL (not y'all. I refuse. to. use. that. word.)?  i'm great! Let's see what happened this week...The biggest news this week? They changed our assignments so we are no longer over the singles ward (sad face) but that means we are now PURO ESPANOL!!! WOOOOO!!!!! We got to finish teaching Kendell even though he is in the YSA and we had his baptism on Saturday. It was so sweet. He talked about how hard it was for him to come to church because of work, and how he kept praying for help, and that is when the stake and ward boundaries all changed so the ward was closer to his house and his boss moved his schedule around. The church is true! I have loved teaching  Kendell even though we basically just helped him prep for baptism.  He is such a good guy. The elders who started teaching him were able to attend and one of them, Elder Olsen, performed the ordinance.  But he was really nice about it. Afterwards he told us that we must have been called to the area so that we could plan such a nice baptism for Kendell.

As of this week we now have 2 fechas flojas (lazy dates) and one fecha firma (sure date) for baptism. It's pretty great though because with one investigator, Juanita, she has had all the discussion but she refuses to be baptized because she goes to Mexico to visit family every other weekend and she doesnt want to be baptized if she knows she wont keep attend church regularly -_- but we had a lesson with her about the Family: a Proclamation to the world, and how parents have the responsibility to raise their children in righteousness, especially when they have the knowledge to choose between good and evil. And then she committed to baptism on the 28th! YAY! BUT this week was her first in church so we have to fix that... but I think she loved church, she brought her daughter, and we're planning on baptizing her once Juanita has been dunked :P

What else happened.... OH! we got to go to church for the first time in Spanish! It was great. I LOVE OUR BRANCH. they are small but mighty. The members make me laugh and smile and feel like I am home. We also had our first ward council which was kind of scary to report on our work to a bunch of serious-looking adults in leadership roles who (I imagined in my head) were totally judging my Spanish. But it went fine.

Ok now for your questions... let's see. I got the bike! It was waiting for me the second day I arrived in Texas at the transfer meeting. It is currently sitting in my room since we are a driving area (thank goodness). My comp drives since she is senior. We have a red toyota corolla. #classic. I can now recognize missionary cars from a mile away. They are corollas with cheap bike racks on the back LOL. 

MOM: I cant find the receipt you sent! Its not in the hymn book! Not sure what to do.... But thank you for sending all that stuff! BTW the water polo shirts turned out GREAT! they are my favorite workout shirts!

Basic run down of our day?

6:30 wake up, go on a run or go to the gym in our apartment complex (its awesome cuz no on is ever there at 6:30 am)
7 eat breakfast, get ready
8 personal study!!! (its the best)
9 comp study! -we (us and the other companerisma in our casa) usually read out of the white handbook, sing a hymn, and pray, then we split up and comp study
10 training (my trainer and I do work out of a handbook for newbies)
11 lunch
12 language study
1 get to work
9 go home
10:30 get in bed

Although it varies because sometimes we have stuff in the morning so we have to sacrifice some studies. And usually the game plan is to visit one city all day (teaching investigators in the area, having spiritual thoughts with less actives and members, obtaining referrals everywhere, etc.). Half the time our plans fall through but the zone leaders gave us their GPS which has all the ward list in it so we just look up who lives close by that we can visit. Or, like yesterday, we show up and the family we were trying to contact had moved, but we gave some cookies to the girl living there and made an appointment to come back and teach her family #newinvestigator. We are only allowed like (actually we dont know the exact number) 1100-1600 miles per month which is tough because we cover half the stake. We actually LIVE in Cedar Park TX. But we cover Cedar park, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill, part of Austin, and Round Rock. a trio of elders covers the other half.

also, fun fact, the TSAM has like the highest number of converts through part member families. 

Also they said they fixed our heat but they didnt. But its ok. we figured out where the breaker is so we just flip it on and off as needed lol.

What else can I share? Oh we had some time this week and we went mattress surfing down our stairs. It was really fun and I'm sure it didn't bother our downstairs neighbors at all....... 

I'm doing good though. The other day Hna Clark just started gushing to me how great I am doing. She said it's like having a normal companion, not a greenie. That really boosted my confidence. Most people are surprised when I tell them I'm only in my second week. Then they ask me where I learned spanish. I'm still not really sure where either.... #giftoftongues #thankful. But I'm still learning so much as a teacher, how to tailor to people's needs and resolve concerns. But its such a great feeling when you teach in unity with your comp and the spirit is there so strongly.... its the best. Its funny because the elders keep telling us to watch out for so and so, they're really mean or don't like Mormons, etc., but everyone we talk to cant help but be polite to us and smile and say, sure come on in. This truly is the Lord's work. Also, sister chambers (lives in our apartment) told me, you cant say the wrong thing to the right person. How true.

Also I just want to exhort you all to be better missionaries! It's not hard. Make a family mission plan, of how you can help the missionaries, ward missionaries, and be missionaries yourselves. Have family home evening! Invite people! Invite the missionaries! I know you guys have such great potential to be missionaries at home, and there's so many people who need this gospel. We have to BOLDLY declare the word. We cant "just live it" anymore. Go and do. Lift where you stand.

you guys are awesome.


hermana feigel

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