Monday, January 27, 2014

another week...

Family and friends! I love you!

Wow. I can't even remember most of what happened this week. It has been crazy. The weather reflected it too. There have been 78 degree days and 32 degree days. It hailed and (almost) snowed one day and school was cancelled the next. Our leaders advised us to go home if we didnt have lessons because the roads were so bad and there were tons of accidents but we didnt get the message 'cause we were walking around outside in the hail. The FIRST door we get to and we ended up having a lesson with an 18-year-old named Kim. SUPER COOL. Her mom was Catholic and totally giving off the I'm-very-Catholic vibe but Kim seemed interested in what we had to say. We interrupted her dinner but she didnt even seem to mind. And the next day the roads were still so bad that all the schools were closed. This week I learned that bridges are very sketchy. I learned that because they are suspended over nothing, they will freeze faster than a normal road which has earth underneath to help combat the ice. Fun.

Juanita went out of town again... 

We visited Freddy but only his mom was home. We had a very awkward conversation with her in which she told us that Freddy told her he didnt want to get baptized. Sister Clark then went into bold mode and told her that she was pushing her son away from the true church. Freddy's mom told us that she never saw any miracles in our church, that the BoM is basically a changed version of the bible... yada yada false doctrine. After which we became a little frustrated, because by that point the spirit was just gone. We sat there staring at her for a solid 30 seconds (so I think I understand a little better how Ammon felt when the king didnt answer him for a solid hour). It was the most awkward thing, so we just left, not wanting to say anything with the spirit of contention that was present. And so she told Freddy that we were mad at him because he doesnt want to get baptized.... -_- But I thought it was interesting (side-note she was endowed and everything) that she never said the church wasnt true. She never denied any of the truths. She just kept saying I don't know that. And we'd be like we KNOW you have or had a testimony at some point and she would just say that she didn't. Ha. 'Cause the Church IS true!

Anyway, it was a little rough but we did our best to keep our spirits up. Besides them, we had a fairly good week. Lots of lessons and we were always busy. By the tim esunday rolled around we both felt like we had been hit by a train. Before church (at 2 pm) we had 2 lessons, and visited a less active who's baby is in the hospital We ran around all morning like chickens with our heads cut off. It was a crazy day. But I enjoyed going to the hospital. So background- This baby was born on Saturday with a trachea-esophageal fistula and was in surgery on sunday. We called the dad to see what we could do and the ONLY thing he needed was a phone charger because he was alone at the hospital, his wife was still at another hospital recovering from her C-section, and he didnt want to be stranded there without contact. So we were calling around trying to see if someone could lend us a charger since we were 30 minutes away from our apt and it was crazy but we got to go see his baby and it was super cute but had more tubes than body going on, but apparently everything went good. Fun stuff. #NICU #RNlife #mom #babylover #shoutouttonewcousinFinley! WOO!

Also we went on exchanges with the sisters in our apt again. This time I went with Sister Leavitt. This is her last transfer. She was so awesome but nervous about the spanish because she's only ever served in 1 spanish area. It was a rough day. Since she was coming to work with me in my area, I made all the plans. They all fell through. I felt bad and it was rough trying to find stuff to do without wasting infinity miles since our area is huge. But I think Heavenly Father was just trying to tell me that my plans didnt matter, because this is HIS work. We did have some awesome lessons. And Sister Leavitt thought it was an awesome day. So I got over it. I learned that we are doing HIS will, and that when he wants us to do different from what we planned, we should just be thankful that we are worthy of the holy ghost to be able to be lead us to who we need to help.

Hope your guys's week was awesome! That's about it for me.

The church is true, the Book is blue!


hermana feigel

(PS my ward mission leader calls me hermana FARGO because he cant say feigel)

Monday, January 13, 2014

drops, talks, knock out, and being taller than Elder Bednar

hola familia y amigos!
This week was great. It was a little rough in terms of numbers.... but other than that it was awesome! All in the Lord's time, right?
First off, we had 2 investigators drop us. it was sad because one was that hermano who just came back from Mexico and seemed totally open. Until he told us that he felt more comfortable in the Pentecostal church and refused to take any steps to progress in the gospel/ learn more. oh well. the other was a family that we got from the Elders. that one was sad too because the husband had already read 20 pages of the book of mormon! but she dropped us. I have a feeling that she didnt even tell him about it either... so I'm hoping maybe one day he'll give us a call...
but this morning we got a call from the young men's pres saying his friends wanted to join the church! WOOOOOOOO! we have a lesson with them tomorrow! #miracles.
Our investigators are doing okay.... Juanita is in Mexico again, Freddy is still struggling, and we picked up a few new investigators. One girl a few years younger than me (the one who's little sister almost choked) now has a baptismal date! but its super hard for her because she is always taking care of like infinity children and her parents are never home. but she has read like 15 pages of the BoM too!
SO. ELDER BEDNAR. can you say inspiring? YES. it was so cool, I was in the 4th row! He is so great. actually pretty cool guy, he just said he doesnt show it conf. because thats not the place to "flash your personality" lol. so he didnt really give a talk, he just asked us questions about the readings he gave us. it was super cool. he also pointed out 2 things that always happen in the church- taking notes of what the apostles SAY instead of what you THINK or FEEL, and playing Guess What I'm Thinking when you teach. but it was a very open forum, and because the topic was about learning by faith and such, all of the questions asked by missionaries were very inspired and thought provoking. it was great.
Oh one time this week we went to contact a former investigator, and when I got to the door (because like every door here has a screen door or glass door in front of it) I could see in the glss that someone was actually sitting in the car parked (behind us) infront of the house. I continue knocking on the door meanwhile watching the girl in the car sit very still..... and then slide ever... so.... slowly..... down into her seat and onto the floor so we couldnt see her. it was hilarious. we jsut decided to leave after that.
Also one of our elders made up this really funny rap about Joseph Smith that would probably not help our we-dont-worship-joseph-smith case. but I wanted to include some of my favorite parts...
joseph smith fought a bear
joseph smith ran for mayor
this is why we weekly plan
cuz jospeh smith is the man
the law of consecration is really fun
it helps out... everyone!
joseph smith invented the wheel
his favorite colors are brown and teal
jospeh smith started the restauration
I bet you cant spell prestidigitation
and theres more but I cant remember #sacreligousbutfunny
Also shout out to the Luthi's! thank you so much for the package! you guys rock! love you! Texas says hi!
well! thats all for now folks!
con amor
la hermana feigel

Monday, January 6, 2014

Casi El Nuevo Ano...sorry this is last weeks and I, mom, neglected to post..

family and friends!

como estan ustedes? Como fue su navidad? fantastico? Que bueno!

what are your guys's plans for el nuevo ano? Fiesta?

Meanwhile, in missionary land...

the rest of xmas was great. we played sports from 10 am until 5 pm. after awhile we were just so exhausted it was awesome. we were like cats. we would get up and play for maybe 20-30 minutes and then have to sit down, relax, take a nap, etc. before we could go again lol. it was the best. I got your package family! thanks so much I loved it! After that we went to a baptism with some elders in our district. then we went caroling to their investigators after since we didnt get the chance on christmas eve. it was super fun. and cold. after that we went home and lazed around. we read the xmas story together and watched The Testaments #christmas.

This week was good. With Miguel baptized, Juanita out of town as of yet, and Freddy MIA because of his mom, we havent had too many set appointments and therefore havent taught much this week. We did a lot of contacting former investigators and potentials and really havent had too much luck, but we have had some great experiences....

the most memorable one this week is when we were contacting a bunch of potentials in this apartment complex. we knock. this hispanic lady opens. I say hola! como esta? and she replies... (rudely) um, I speak eglish. (oh... thats awkward... cue my senior companion take over and do damage control). hna clark: oh awesome! where did you learn to speak english so well? lady: (rudely again) um, I was born here! (facepalm).
needless to say, we only managed to leave her with a pass along card. whoops. #nailedit. I'm sorry, but when we're speaking spanish all day and I see a hispanic lady, my first instinct is spanish! And I mean, if you were in a foreign country and someone came up to you and started speaking english, wouldnt you be grateful for the time they took to learn to communicate with you? sheesh... but we just laughed it off.

the same day, we met Hans. This crazy old 92 year old born in Norway, who was a stout
Buddhist and married to a 40 year old he met in Thailand. he had tattoos and smoked and had earrings. it was great! He was crazy. Didnt seem 92 at all. He was really nice, but he was really resistant. oh well. maybe we'll send the english elders by anyway...

also there is a plague going around our zone. currently about half the zone is sick/has been sick with various flus and colds. fun. I'm doing good so far #knockonwood but our numbers were pretty weak this week what with christmas and half the missionaries staying home.

We found Miguel! Did I tell you he was lost? Well he was. We had two or three appointments with him this past week that he didnt show up. he wasnt answering our calls either. so one day we just showed up to his apartment (even though it was on the elder's side [we usually teach him at a recent convert's house]) and he was like oh... hi! But he was fine, nothing had happened. he even said he missed reading the book of mormon, since he left his at the convert's house. so we gave him a new one and got him back on track with appointments this week. yay. but we were totally freaking out that he had already gone apostate and such... #lackoffaith.

Another great contacting story was when we doing more contacting of former's. we knock on the door, and this gentleman opens up, sees who we are, smiles a big smile and then just invites us in. we were a little taken aback after being rejected and finding empty houses all day but we walk in and are greeted by a huge family eating dinner. they usher us to the table, give us seats and food (this is all within like 10 seconds of entering btw) and we're just like um what? Then as we start talking with them, we realize that half the family are members from Mexico!! Sorpresa! The head of the house (the former we were trying to contact) and his wife are 7th day adventists but they had like 4 sisters who were members (who were all there with their families for xmas). it was awesome. so we taught them and had a member present lesson that we were not expecting, and even though they wouldnt accept any of our invitations, the spirit was really strong, and they invited us back! It was awesome! The members were super awesome and excited that they got to be there while their family got taught.

that's about it for this week....

also if any of you are curious, we have been given readings to study to prepare for elder Bednar. if you would like to study along, they are called Ask in Faith, Learning by faith (this ones a talk for church educators) and something about testimony and conversion... true conversion? idk. but they are awesome. check them out.

Well, I'm doing awesome. The work is hard at times but it is definitely moving along! I'm so glad to be apart of it! Also I can't believe that I have been out for almost 3 months! WHAT?? wow time flies. missionary work is awesome.

Thanks for all your love and support!

hermana f 

Organs, Ordinations, Obstructed airways...

first off, I just want to give a big congrats shout out to miss erica pallesi!!!! congrats on your engagement! there. now my whole family knows hehehe. I cant believe you, little caca bearica, are so grown up! *sniff sniff* seems like just yesterday we were goofing off in the pool, sinking to the bottom to hide from Iain. hehe.
so. its been a long week/ it flew. I'm glad you got our new years pic! that was a family we ate with, the wife is a ward missionary. on sunday they were like, your families responded something in english that we couldnt read. lol.
Ok so the first miracle that happened this week was on Pday. we had a bunch of sitas but they all fell through. so Hna Clark thought it would be good to go check up on a recent convert, who the week before we had commited (her and her family) to invite someone to church. she lets us in, we're sitting there about to share a spiritual thought, when in walks her husband- who got deported to Mexico 3 years ago, was in jail there for DUI, and just spent the last 2 months trying to get back across the border. we kinda just sat there in awe as her kids (who shge didnt tell about all this) ran to hug their dad, crying, etc. not wanting to impede, we just tried to share our thought and get out, when he (nonmember) bears a super strong testimony about how he knows he needs to change his life and be better, etc. it. was. awesome. needless to say we have a new investigator :) #inspirationthatwewerethere.
oh the next fun thing was that we taught one lesson this week in a house where someone was cooking chile. the way I would describe it would be... that i probably know  1/10th of what its like to be pepper sprayed now. we struggled to finish our lesson as we coughed every 10 seconds. LOL it was a fun experience.
We did exchanges this week too! One of the sisters who lives with us is a Sister Training Leader, so she went with my comp and I went with hers. It was fun because I got to speak english all day, but I came home smelling like an ashtray. we didnt enter a single house/apartment that wasnt inhabited by smokers. blech. but I learned a lot from Sister Chambers. shes really different from Hna Clark. she is super sweet and quiet, but when she teaches, the spirit is awesome!
We got to to service this week. we worked at a food pantry distributing food to people. it was fun but FREEZING. I dont get Texas. one day this week it was 70. 70! and the next day it was 40. not a fun change.
Anyways, we had an awesome week. We got like 12 new investigators! WOOOO!
Church yesterday was fun. We got there really early so I practiced playing the organ (which I havent touched in like..... years. and barely know how to play) but Hna Clark said I sounded good, so whatevs. A few investigators came to church, one girl came with a one year old baby her mom usually babysits. needless to say, she was fairly distracted the whoel time :/ especially when the baby horked down half a string cheese stick and started choking #dontworryImcertifiedforthatstill. I just womped her on the back a few times and she hawked up this giant gob of cheese on the pew. I really didnt know whether to be worried that this baby almost died or just to laugh at the absurdity of it.... I'm laughing now though, so... And our recent convert Miguel got the Proesthood! Whoo!!!! #stoked. it was a good day.
Also did I tell you that they just got an In N Out in Austin? I really want to go sometime (because its in my area!) but the line is typically an hour long or so I hear. cuz its all new and such.... but I always think of you guys whenever I see it!  
OH! I forgot! we got our first transfer calls yesterday! I'm going to....
dramatic pause....
stay. haha. one more transfer here! WHOOO! #stoked. #myzonerocks #thisarearocks.
well, I love you guys!
la hermana feigel