Monday, January 27, 2014

another week...

Family and friends! I love you!

Wow. I can't even remember most of what happened this week. It has been crazy. The weather reflected it too. There have been 78 degree days and 32 degree days. It hailed and (almost) snowed one day and school was cancelled the next. Our leaders advised us to go home if we didnt have lessons because the roads were so bad and there were tons of accidents but we didnt get the message 'cause we were walking around outside in the hail. The FIRST door we get to and we ended up having a lesson with an 18-year-old named Kim. SUPER COOL. Her mom was Catholic and totally giving off the I'm-very-Catholic vibe but Kim seemed interested in what we had to say. We interrupted her dinner but she didnt even seem to mind. And the next day the roads were still so bad that all the schools were closed. This week I learned that bridges are very sketchy. I learned that because they are suspended over nothing, they will freeze faster than a normal road which has earth underneath to help combat the ice. Fun.

Juanita went out of town again... 

We visited Freddy but only his mom was home. We had a very awkward conversation with her in which she told us that Freddy told her he didnt want to get baptized. Sister Clark then went into bold mode and told her that she was pushing her son away from the true church. Freddy's mom told us that she never saw any miracles in our church, that the BoM is basically a changed version of the bible... yada yada false doctrine. After which we became a little frustrated, because by that point the spirit was just gone. We sat there staring at her for a solid 30 seconds (so I think I understand a little better how Ammon felt when the king didnt answer him for a solid hour). It was the most awkward thing, so we just left, not wanting to say anything with the spirit of contention that was present. And so she told Freddy that we were mad at him because he doesnt want to get baptized.... -_- But I thought it was interesting (side-note she was endowed and everything) that she never said the church wasnt true. She never denied any of the truths. She just kept saying I don't know that. And we'd be like we KNOW you have or had a testimony at some point and she would just say that she didn't. Ha. 'Cause the Church IS true!

Anyway, it was a little rough but we did our best to keep our spirits up. Besides them, we had a fairly good week. Lots of lessons and we were always busy. By the tim esunday rolled around we both felt like we had been hit by a train. Before church (at 2 pm) we had 2 lessons, and visited a less active who's baby is in the hospital We ran around all morning like chickens with our heads cut off. It was a crazy day. But I enjoyed going to the hospital. So background- This baby was born on Saturday with a trachea-esophageal fistula and was in surgery on sunday. We called the dad to see what we could do and the ONLY thing he needed was a phone charger because he was alone at the hospital, his wife was still at another hospital recovering from her C-section, and he didnt want to be stranded there without contact. So we were calling around trying to see if someone could lend us a charger since we were 30 minutes away from our apt and it was crazy but we got to go see his baby and it was super cute but had more tubes than body going on, but apparently everything went good. Fun stuff. #NICU #RNlife #mom #babylover #shoutouttonewcousinFinley! WOO!

Also we went on exchanges with the sisters in our apt again. This time I went with Sister Leavitt. This is her last transfer. She was so awesome but nervous about the spanish because she's only ever served in 1 spanish area. It was a rough day. Since she was coming to work with me in my area, I made all the plans. They all fell through. I felt bad and it was rough trying to find stuff to do without wasting infinity miles since our area is huge. But I think Heavenly Father was just trying to tell me that my plans didnt matter, because this is HIS work. We did have some awesome lessons. And Sister Leavitt thought it was an awesome day. So I got over it. I learned that we are doing HIS will, and that when he wants us to do different from what we planned, we should just be thankful that we are worthy of the holy ghost to be able to be lead us to who we need to help.

Hope your guys's week was awesome! That's about it for me.

The church is true, the Book is blue!


hermana feigel

(PS my ward mission leader calls me hermana FARGO because he cant say feigel)

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