Monday, January 13, 2014

drops, talks, knock out, and being taller than Elder Bednar

hola familia y amigos!
This week was great. It was a little rough in terms of numbers.... but other than that it was awesome! All in the Lord's time, right?
First off, we had 2 investigators drop us. it was sad because one was that hermano who just came back from Mexico and seemed totally open. Until he told us that he felt more comfortable in the Pentecostal church and refused to take any steps to progress in the gospel/ learn more. oh well. the other was a family that we got from the Elders. that one was sad too because the husband had already read 20 pages of the book of mormon! but she dropped us. I have a feeling that she didnt even tell him about it either... so I'm hoping maybe one day he'll give us a call...
but this morning we got a call from the young men's pres saying his friends wanted to join the church! WOOOOOOOO! we have a lesson with them tomorrow! #miracles.
Our investigators are doing okay.... Juanita is in Mexico again, Freddy is still struggling, and we picked up a few new investigators. One girl a few years younger than me (the one who's little sister almost choked) now has a baptismal date! but its super hard for her because she is always taking care of like infinity children and her parents are never home. but she has read like 15 pages of the BoM too!
SO. ELDER BEDNAR. can you say inspiring? YES. it was so cool, I was in the 4th row! He is so great. actually pretty cool guy, he just said he doesnt show it conf. because thats not the place to "flash your personality" lol. so he didnt really give a talk, he just asked us questions about the readings he gave us. it was super cool. he also pointed out 2 things that always happen in the church- taking notes of what the apostles SAY instead of what you THINK or FEEL, and playing Guess What I'm Thinking when you teach. but it was a very open forum, and because the topic was about learning by faith and such, all of the questions asked by missionaries were very inspired and thought provoking. it was great.
Oh one time this week we went to contact a former investigator, and when I got to the door (because like every door here has a screen door or glass door in front of it) I could see in the glss that someone was actually sitting in the car parked (behind us) infront of the house. I continue knocking on the door meanwhile watching the girl in the car sit very still..... and then slide ever... so.... slowly..... down into her seat and onto the floor so we couldnt see her. it was hilarious. we jsut decided to leave after that.
Also one of our elders made up this really funny rap about Joseph Smith that would probably not help our we-dont-worship-joseph-smith case. but I wanted to include some of my favorite parts...
joseph smith fought a bear
joseph smith ran for mayor
this is why we weekly plan
cuz jospeh smith is the man
the law of consecration is really fun
it helps out... everyone!
joseph smith invented the wheel
his favorite colors are brown and teal
jospeh smith started the restauration
I bet you cant spell prestidigitation
and theres more but I cant remember #sacreligousbutfunny
Also shout out to the Luthi's! thank you so much for the package! you guys rock! love you! Texas says hi!
well! thats all for now folks!
con amor
la hermana feigel

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