Monday, January 6, 2014

Organs, Ordinations, Obstructed airways...

first off, I just want to give a big congrats shout out to miss erica pallesi!!!! congrats on your engagement! there. now my whole family knows hehehe. I cant believe you, little caca bearica, are so grown up! *sniff sniff* seems like just yesterday we were goofing off in the pool, sinking to the bottom to hide from Iain. hehe.
so. its been a long week/ it flew. I'm glad you got our new years pic! that was a family we ate with, the wife is a ward missionary. on sunday they were like, your families responded something in english that we couldnt read. lol.
Ok so the first miracle that happened this week was on Pday. we had a bunch of sitas but they all fell through. so Hna Clark thought it would be good to go check up on a recent convert, who the week before we had commited (her and her family) to invite someone to church. she lets us in, we're sitting there about to share a spiritual thought, when in walks her husband- who got deported to Mexico 3 years ago, was in jail there for DUI, and just spent the last 2 months trying to get back across the border. we kinda just sat there in awe as her kids (who shge didnt tell about all this) ran to hug their dad, crying, etc. not wanting to impede, we just tried to share our thought and get out, when he (nonmember) bears a super strong testimony about how he knows he needs to change his life and be better, etc. it. was. awesome. needless to say we have a new investigator :) #inspirationthatwewerethere.
oh the next fun thing was that we taught one lesson this week in a house where someone was cooking chile. the way I would describe it would be... that i probably know  1/10th of what its like to be pepper sprayed now. we struggled to finish our lesson as we coughed every 10 seconds. LOL it was a fun experience.
We did exchanges this week too! One of the sisters who lives with us is a Sister Training Leader, so she went with my comp and I went with hers. It was fun because I got to speak english all day, but I came home smelling like an ashtray. we didnt enter a single house/apartment that wasnt inhabited by smokers. blech. but I learned a lot from Sister Chambers. shes really different from Hna Clark. she is super sweet and quiet, but when she teaches, the spirit is awesome!
We got to to service this week. we worked at a food pantry distributing food to people. it was fun but FREEZING. I dont get Texas. one day this week it was 70. 70! and the next day it was 40. not a fun change.
Anyways, we had an awesome week. We got like 12 new investigators! WOOOO!
Church yesterday was fun. We got there really early so I practiced playing the organ (which I havent touched in like..... years. and barely know how to play) but Hna Clark said I sounded good, so whatevs. A few investigators came to church, one girl came with a one year old baby her mom usually babysits. needless to say, she was fairly distracted the whoel time :/ especially when the baby horked down half a string cheese stick and started choking #dontworryImcertifiedforthatstill. I just womped her on the back a few times and she hawked up this giant gob of cheese on the pew. I really didnt know whether to be worried that this baby almost died or just to laugh at the absurdity of it.... I'm laughing now though, so... And our recent convert Miguel got the Proesthood! Whoo!!!! #stoked. it was a good day.
Also did I tell you that they just got an In N Out in Austin? I really want to go sometime (because its in my area!) but the line is typically an hour long or so I hear. cuz its all new and such.... but I always think of you guys whenever I see it!  
OH! I forgot! we got our first transfer calls yesterday! I'm going to....
dramatic pause....
stay. haha. one more transfer here! WHOOO! #stoked. #myzonerocks #thisarearocks.
well, I love you guys!
la hermana feigel

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