The Missionaries!

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Generally, missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints spend their time spreading the message of Jesus Christ. They can go door-to-door or make appointments with investigators. Missionaries typically haven't been allowed much access to social media and other technologies, but recently announcements have been made that missionaries will get to use social media to contact investigators! COOL!
Missionary work is HARD. They wake up early and work all day in the service of the Lord. Missionaries get one "day off" or Preparation Day (P Day) in which to run errands, do laundry, etc. Missionaries are assigned a companion (buddy system, holla!!) who they are with at all times! From time to time they will be assigned a new comp and a new area within their mission. Men serve for a period of 24 months while women serve 18 months. You can watch the historic announcement here when the minimum age for men changed from 19 to 18, and the age minimum for women changed from 21 to 19!

Why I choose to serve

For most of my life, I had never planned to serve a mission (missionary service is optional for women, encouraged for men). But then the age change was announced and it seemed like all the girls were running down the halls of our BYU dorm screaming I'M GOING ON A MISSION!!! But I was like, psh *hairflip* not me. A few months later, my mind started changing. I kept thinking about the possibilities of it. After much prayer and fasting, I decided to serve a mission. I have a great testimony of the Savior and knowledge of this gospel and I can't NOT share it! This gospel is AMAZING!

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