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Missionary wardrobes can be tough to put together. Some suggestions:

1) Make sure it's what YOU WANT TO WEAR. You'll be stuck with these clothes for 18 months. Make sure you actually like them.

2) Consider your mission climate. Texas has HOT summers (85-108 degrees) and cold winters (30-50 degrees). It is HUMID almost all the time. You want clothes that will be comfortable in that climate, and that will LAST.

3) More expensive doesn't always mean higher quality. DON'T SKIP THE GOODWILL WHEN PURCHASING MISSION CLOTHES. Those grandma clothes are modest and comfy already. You just have to find the cute ones. And they're CHEAP. If I had to do it over again, I'd likely purchase 85% of my mission wardrobe from Goodwill and/or DI (some of us aren't lucky enough to have DI).

4) Your call packet will say bring 6-8 outfits. You'll probably want more than that. BUT keep in mind you'll also be lugging all these clothes around for 18 months worth of transfers and moves…. so don't overdo it. Leave some room in your luggage to purchase new clothes in field when you get really sick of the ones you have.

5) Comfortable but professional. I'm one of those who doesn't like wearing under shirts or "shade shirts." My shirts and skirts just have to be modest. That's the comfiest for me. Consider your comfort level when choosing clothes. You will be walking around and working in them all day. At the same time, you are expected to look like a professional representative of the church. You will be attending meetings with apostles and seventies, baptismal services, etc. LOOK PROFESSIONAL.

Now that I have served, I have made some comments on the clothes I used, what worked, and what didn't.

Sidenote: Black became my favorite color on my mission. It is REALLY easy to wear a black outfit and just add a pop of color with a scarf, jacket, etc.

My mom actually made this yellow skirt for me. It was one of m favorites. Comfy, cute, and I LOVE POCKETS! Also this shirt was comfy and modest, from Nordstrom Rack, I believe.

My mom made this skirt as well, same design as the yellow one. Elastic waistbands are the way to go.

This brown skirt was cute but not very comfy. Not fun to proselyte in all day. And no elastic waistband meant there were some points in my mission where I couldn't fit into it.

Good shirt. Stretchy and modest, but still professional. From Shabby Apple. Same skirt as the brown one.

I LOVED THIS DRESS. From ASOS. Comfy as all get out. Easy to dress up for meetings, scarves, necklaces, jackets, etc. Only thing was it showed when you sweat.

Same as the orange dress. My personal favorite.

Shoes from Modcloth. I thought they would rub my ankles, but they were actually very comfy. I wore them a lot, although they had no support whatsoever and so sometimes they made my feet hurt after walking all day. But they were cute.

 I'm pretty sure I threw this shirt away after 6 months. It showed when I sweated, and wasn't very comfy. Looked nice for meetings though.

 This shirt shrunk in the dryer :/ The skirt was awesome. Modcloth as well. Pockets are the BEST. Lightweight.

 Blazers are always great for missionary meetings or baptisms. Or cold winter days.

 This yellow skirt shrunk in the dryer. Whoops. But it was comfy. I liked this blue shirt, but I had to wear an undershirt to keep it modest, and I not a fan of that. Skirt from Modcloth, shirt from Banana Republic.

 These were the best shoes ever. Lasted my whole mission. Comfy, supportive, AND cute. From Nordstrom Rack. I Loved oxfords on my mission. Especially in the winter. (It gets cold in Texas! Don't let them tell you otherwise!)

 Black shirt was awesome. From Forever 21. It was breathable, and didn't show when I sweated. And I loved the flowery collar.


  Love this blush shirt from Forever 21, but I always had to wear an undershirt with it.


  Cute shoes, I didn't wear them much though, but don't let people tell you you can't wear heels. You definitely can. But they should be low heels (and be comfortable enough for you to walk in them all day). But I'm definitely pro heels. If you can find cute comfy ones, wear 'em!


  Striped skirt from Target. Comfy but it didn't fit well after awhile...


  BEST BLACK BLAZER EVER. Forever 21. I wore this one a lot, and it wore well. It even made it home and is still in my closet :)



  I love my denim shirt, but I didn't wear it as much as I thought I would. Denim seemed just a little too casual for a missionary. Forever 21.


  This skirt was really too long to wear. I would usually roll it down a few times so it would be calf-length. Really comfy. Nordstrom Rack.






 This silk shirt was cute, but not warm at all. Very lightweight. It got a hole in it. Forever 21. I probably wouldn't recommend anything silk for your mission. Or anything like unto it.




  This is my favorite DI (Deseret Industries) skirt. $4. Comfy shirt, but I got rid of it after awhile. It showed when I sweated.





  Shirt from Target. It's still in my closest! It went with everything, and was really comfy! I love button up shirts.






 This is one of my all-time favorite  shirts. Forever 21. Nice breathable material. Modest. Comfy. Cute. Goes with ANYTHING. Still in my closet. And I actually got one size larger…. but it turned out to be perfect. It always fit, and was a favorite of my companions as well (they always borrowed it)






 Another cute shirt. Nordstrom Rack. Modest. Thin, lightweight. Perfect for summer.





















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